Frederic Schwartz Architects


New York, New York

2004 AIA New York Project Award

World Trade Center

The THINK team design recreated the World Trade Center site as the home of the World Cultural Center. An iconic and bold new skyline for the twenty- first century heralds a remarkable investment in culture unprecedented in the history of New York City. Two new soaring, open latticework structures are constructed in homage to the twin towers, built above and around the footprints of the original World Trade Center towers. Within these towers - the tallest in the world – distinctive buildings can be designed and phased over time to complete a program of innovative cultural facilities: the Memorial (from the footprints of the original towers to the top of the highest platform in the world), the September 11 Interpretative Museum, a Performing Arts Center, an International Conference Center, an open Amphitheater, viewing platforms and public facilities for education. The skyline of Lower Manhattan is reborn as a new public realm for culture.

The magic of the THINK proposal is that is celebrates all that is positive about America and our culture. It restores New York’s distinctive skyline in a most imaginative way, while memorializing the Twin Towers. The further beauty of our Master Plan is its ability to attract marketable office buildings that can be built on several different footprints, over a period of years as the demand permits. These buildings can be designed by different architects, like the rest of the city always has been, or with one hand like Rockefeller Center. Either way, the strength of the design is not compromised, for the sites magnetism is created by the Twin Cultural Towers that would already be in place.

It is a rare opportunity for New York to create a significant monument to American cultural, for architecture to rise to a degree rarely celebrated in our world, and to use this chance to attract a commercial market that would restore Lower Manhattan’s rightful place in the office place of this nation.

World Trade Center







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