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New York, New York

International Competition Winner
2009 AIA New York State Award
2006 ACEC NY Diamond Award for Engineering Excellence

Staten Island Ferry Terminal

"You can walk into this spectacular terminal day or night and feel like you're part of the city ... (the terminal) is a continuation of what you feel on the ferry ... in a sense you are suspended over the water."

—Mayor Michael Bloomberg at dedication on February 7, 2005 


The Staten Island Ferry Terminal is located at one of the most spectacular sites in the world— the very tip of Manhattan with the historic New York Harbor as foreground and the great picture postcard Manhattan skyline as background. This dramatic location, the building’s symbolic role as a gateway to the city, and its function as a significant intermodal transportation node demanded that the new building design be imbued with a strong sense of civic presence. The new two-acre Peter Minuit Plaza and great glass wall of the north elevation provide a civic scaled place for over 100,000 commuters and tourists a day passing through the terminal and new 1/9 South Ferry subway station connecting the ferries with four subway lines, three bus lines and taxis.

The function of the terminal as a transportation node was a significant generator of its organic form reflecting the wave like movement of its passengers. The design also overcame some of the most difficult engineering and construction challenges of any public project in New York City— imagine taking down a 100 year old building while simultaneously building a new terminal directly on top of three of the oldest subway tunnels and a highway while 100,000 people day move 24/7 through the construction site.

Innovation, was made possible by close collaboration with our consultants, and allowed the building to reach its design goals, giving the Terminal its civic scale and presence. Notably, a 75 foot high curtain wall— that allows the skyline that so dramatically defines the site to be brought into the building—and an energy savings design that is 40% lower than standard (including south facing integrated PV spandrel panels that provide 5% of the electrical load) We are proud to say that through three mayors and approval by over 50 city, state and federal agencies— the construction of this important civic building is complete and that we have provided the critical continuity necessary throughout this project’s 12 year history.

Staten Island Ferry


Staten Island Ferry Terminal







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