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San Diego, California

The Wave

Master Planning is the activity that defines the strategy for the development of a site that evolves over a period of time during which fundamental conditions of the project may change. It deals with, among many things, the general criteria of program, density, infrastructure, and the distribution of open space and building masses to be realized in the final built development of the project.

We understand that while there is a need to define a generic framework of development, market conditions indicate the advantage of accelerating the construction of a very substantial part of the allowable buildable area. Therefore, we have addressed the distinction of these two levels of design by dividing the presentation into two proposals:

A planning strategy that creates optimal conditions for the residential and commercial components of the project while maintaining phasing and design flexibility for future buildings that can be completely different from each other.

An iconic architectural interpretation of that planning strategy which takes advantage of a unified design strategy to create an innovative landmark for the city while utilizing the scale of the intervention to produce a unique residential enclave.

Both approaches are intended to help distinguish between the development risks and commitment to a design solution that is inherent to any real estate development. Our hope is to clarify the choice between allowing the flexibility to maintain future options while fulfilling expectations that can only be addressed through a specific architectural design.

The Wave







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