Frederic Schwartz Architects


Milford, Pennsylvania

National Competition Winner

Pike County Library

Our vision for Pike County’s New Central Library creates a unique destination for the community and the region, designed to foster exploration and discovery while offering unlimited access to knowledge and information. The goal of any library should be to encourage a love of reading and learning. Through its forward-looking iconic design, environment, lighting, materials and site selection, this new library provides a state-of-the-art resource for the community and for the imagination. Looking to the future from an educational and sustainable perspective, the design reflects a sensitivity to materials and resource-saving, sustainable methodologies both inside and out. The library is a new landmark, designed to serve toddlers, teens, adults and seniors.

Capitalizing on the natural beauty of the site, the entry area serves as a lens to the forest and surrounding landscape. A high open, skylit space is central to the dynamic design with all interior circulation organized around it. This area reinforces a sense of community and openness. Commanding views from the second floor connect the visitor to the town of Milford and Knob Hill. On the second floor, there is also a roof terrace with southern exposure that allows for outdoor access and another opportunity to enjoy the seasonal beauty of the natural surroundings. Through this semi-transparent design, nature and natural light permeate the library, creating a simultaneously open and contemplative space. Within the library, indirect light enters through glass expanses with deep overhangs. New and existing surrounding trees will screen direct light from entering the building.

Pike County Library

Pike County Library







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