Frederic Schwartz Architects


Xi'an, China

New Silk Road Cultural Park

The Hebraic Cultural Eco-Tone draws a new 21st century map of the Silk Road offering an international destination for the exchange of ideas. Our design creates a vibrant electronic and iconic addition to Xi’an and powerful gathering space. In this environment, the interaction between people and the sharing of personal wisdom is as important as absorbing the information within its walls. By providing a vast collective space, the design highlights the value of communication and culture, and the opportunity to gain new knowledge from these exchanges. Three major cultural interfaces are expressed through the built, natural and ecological environment: the public terrain, the civic tablet and the productive landscape.

The building is organized to afford a glimpse of its internal spaces for the passer-by and reinforces the ideas of openness and inclusion. At times it is empty, revealing its expansive floors; at times it is bustling with visitors, as the site for citywide and international events throughout the year. As communicated through its active surfaces, the street-facing facade off ers a LED surface a place for various types of information and image displays -- current events, historical Silk Road or real-time images of events within the building. Additionally, there would be stations for reactions, opinions, dedications, ideas and dialogue created by visitors to be broadcast momentarily back to the city streets of Xi’an.

New Silk Road Cultural Park







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