Frederic Schwartz Architects


New Orleans, Louisiana

2007 AIA Louisiana Project Award
2006 AIA New York Project Award

Global Green Housing

Sustainable design improves lives across environmental, economic and social issues. This project utilizes innovative smart planning by reinventing time-proven New Orleans building and landscape models. Interpreting the principles and proportions of the city's revered shotgun houses, we offer an economical, flexible, sustainable new typology for New Orleans: the shotgunLOFT. Seen from the levee, a jazz-like vibrancy is achieved by the alternating linear strips of the program.

The shotgunLOFT studios and 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units combine open loft living space with pre-fabricated bathroom and kitchen cores. Common sense approaches include the use of regional, renewable and recycled materials (telephone poles, southern pine, bamboo screens and floors, recycled wood wall panels) and passive design (through-unit and chimney-effect cooling, deep porch shading, PV-panel shaded roofs) to reduce energy demand for heating and cooling (which helps preserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions). Corrugated galvanized siding - made from local, post-Katrina recycled steel - references the riverfront's industrial landscape.

Windows, waterproofing, insulation, air barriers and finishes are prefabricated off-site to insure a tight, efficient building envelope (an important aspect to low-energy consumption construction). Green-roof water collection feeds a community garden that includes a bio-retention pond for treatment of grey water.

Maximum density is achieved with a 12-unit shotgunLOFT typology with Mississippi River views and efficient floor plans. The building is lifted four feet off the ground for ventilation and positive airflow. In contrast to the riverfront elevation, the northeast garden-facing elevation is a vertical stacking of porches with shared stairways covered by lush vines that utilize storm water runoff. The porches are outfitted with a dual-protection shuttering system for the hurricane season and southern shading.

All units have multiple outdoor spaces (private & semi-private) as well as a communal areas - deep porch, lawn with play/BBQ/picnic area, vegetable garden and a fruit-bearing orchard as a living/ active symbol of cultivation and renewal. Porches and yards face onto this shared open space, reinforcing informal interaction and accessibility with a sense of security. A sustainable model for the Holy Cross neighborhood in terms of its architecture, site planning and economics, the shotgunLOFT is pragmatic, ecological, economical, efficient, innovative, relevant and realistic.

Global Green Housing







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