Frederic Schwartz Architects


Shanghai, China

International Competition Winner

Fudu Mansion

With its dramatic undulating shimmering glass curtain wall, Fudu Mansion will establish itself as an icon on the Shanghai skyline and set a new standard for high performance building design. Soaring 215 meters with 100,000 square meters of programmed space, the orientation and configuration of the eight gentle curves of the building's floor plans are designed to optimize views to the Bund and the Huangpo River while maximizing the quality of light in interior spaces. The building's insulated exterior glass, working in conjunction with shades, artificial lighting and a sophisticated air conditioning system, will ensure an optimal and comfortable work environment for the building's occupants. With a minimum distance of 12 meters from the building core to any point on the exterior wall, the floor plan is flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of interior space planning requirements.

The crystalline facade of the building tower extends the full length of the building (unlike any other building in the Pudong area) to announce its presence on the skyline an to greet visitors at the building's main entrance facing the plaza. With a covered automobile drop off and sculpted landforms, the entrance plaza clearly establishes Fudu Mansion's unique presence on the street while welcoming visitors and daily users alike. A dramatic 15 meter high lobby provides separate security for public and tenant access.

With an intelligent building system and a civil defense shelter, Fudu Mansion is at the forefront of building management and security. Shops and services in the lobby are complemented by additional services in the upper levels of the podium—ranging from a barber shop and a fitness center to a library and two trading floors. A business center is located on the ground floor within the secure tenant area. A bar, restaurant, and private function rooms are located at the VIP level of the tower adjacent to gardens atop the podium. Vehicular access to the 400 car underground parking is located at the site's northwest corner as well as at the drop-off area at the entrance to the building.







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