Frederic Schwartz Architects


Los Angeles, California

2004 International Interior Design Association Ten Best of the Decade Design Award
2003 AIA Long Island Design Excellence Award
2003 AIA New York Interior Design Award

Deutsch Inc, Los Angeles

In advertising, great thinking crosses boundaries from broadcast to print to promotions. One of the goals of this project was to make Deutsch’s philosophy cross from what they do to the space they occupy.

Deutsch’s motto -- “leaner, meaner, faster, smarter” - informs how they approach every assignment, every client, every problem and ultimately every solution. Naturally our objective was to realize this philosophy through every aspect of the programming, design and building process. Our key objective was to manifest the philosophy in the design and operation of the built space, reinforcing the Agency brand.

Deutsch is the “hot shop” advertising firm in the United States today. We converted a fifties warehouse into Deutsch LA’s new offices. The design reinforces the Deutsch brand by the no-nonsense industrial aesthetic, clear plan, strong lines and “buzz” of the environment, showcasing people hard at work. The exposed framing and concrete floors of the industrial shell are animated by an extra-large, steel and concrete stairs, lines of blue runway lights, fields of aluminum light fixtures and exposed ductwork. Floating translucent THINK Pods give dynamism to the expansive high-bay space that forms the Deutsch’s heart and center.

With over 250,000 sf of office space designed for Deutsch in New York, Boston and LA, Schwartz Architects has helped one of the nation’s leading advertising agencies define their brand through an architecture of pragmatism and elegance.


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