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Shanghai, China

China Mountain

The China Mountain is a model of sustainability; the anchor of a green city precinct illustrative of the Expo theme: "better city, better life." Situated on an island according to feng shui principles, the China Mountain is positioned at the heart of the Shanghai World Expo 2010 site along the edge of the Hupong "Mother" River.

The conceptual design is a modern approach to ancient Chinese landscape principles that hold nature and artifice in a carefully held balance. The Mountain is constructed as a composite steel space frame housing a large-scale public, entertainment and exhibition complex within a range of environmentally conditioned spaces that directly address the climatic conditions of Shanghai. In addition to serving as a major iconic element of the Expo, the China Mountain houses the China Pavilion and 34 regional province pavilions. The China Pavilion consists of three stories of exhibition space, IMAX theaters and a major intermodal public transportation hub.

The Mountain is ideally oriented with a naturally ventilated glass atrium facing southwest. The structure function as a large scale trellis and is planted with indigenous evergreen plants and grasses, which insulate the spaces below from excessive solar gain while helping to address Shanghai's air quality problems. Cooling is achieved through active and passive technique. PV panels are placed across the southern face of the structure while operable exhaust panels allow for a natural convection current to cool interior spaces.

China Mountain

China Mountain







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