Frederic Schwartz Architects


Canberra, ACT, Australia


Two soaring, upwardly spiraling stainless steel sculptures serve as timeless symbols and reminders of the enduring values of honour, valour, sacrifice, mateship and service for future generations of Australians.

Respecting the axial conditions of the Griffin Plan and the natural surroundings of the Rond Terrace, the design, location and iconic character of these new national memorials honour and remember the massive loss of magnificent lives. To commemorate the service and sacrifice of 101,086 Australians who died in World War I and World War II, we present two equally powerful memorials to preserve the memory of these heroic servicemen
and servicewomen.

The new Memorials are sited on the same axis of those along the Anzac Parade and complement the symmetry. The memorials reinforce Walter Burley Griffin’s plan and framing of both natural and built environmental heritage features along the land axis such as Mount Ainslie, the Australian War Memorial, the tree-lined Anzac Parade, the Rond Terraces and to the south, Parliament house buildings. The grand scale of the memorials will enhance the significance of the north/south axis and the vistas. The design enhances and restores the character of the Rond Terraces.

The World War I and World War II Memorials are cylindrical stainless steel walls 8 meters in diameter and 20 meters high, arranged in an upwardly curving circle. A 50mm slit between each curved section allows a stream of light to enter the interior. Like a sundial, the light marks time. When a visitor looks upon the wall, their reflection can be seen in the names, symbolically bringing together past and present.








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