Frederic Schwartz Architects


Venice, Italy

Academia Bridge

Carefully balanced between the worlds of art and science, L’Accademia Bridge Museum becomes an object of desire like Venice itself. Transparent, shimmering, glowing, alive and poised with clarity and tectonic strength, the museum is an iconic embodiment of the city. The structure serves as its stage (its own animated “hanging street”) and the steps cascading to either side welcome and accommodate its lively international audience. Referencing Il Ponte Austriaco, glass and marine-grade stainless steel are the basic materials for this straightforward structure that will reflect the changing light of the day and all the diverse activity upon and around the Grand Canal.

Our design adheres to the desired program: the interior space is 6.6 meters high and 72 meters long with two walkways to either side measuring 3.3 meters wide. Other than the twin service cores (restrooms and storage), the floating volume remains open to promote its visual and virtual lightness. With careful consideration to energy conservation, thin-film photovoltaics cover the museum’s roof to offset the costs of electricity. At once dramatic and strikingly simple, L’Accademia Bridge Museum literally and figuratively reflects the history of Venice, its past and its future.







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